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About us

Born and bred in London, I came to Morocco 30 years ago, met my husband Abdellatif on my first night out, and never left.


I’m Heather Benhrima, founder and designer of Kasbah Clothing. I am lucky enough to have my design studio at home in our beautiful boutique hotel, Villa Dinari. We support the local community, all of our design and production takes place here in Marrakech.


I’ve always had problems finding stylish fashion to fit my shape.  This has inspired me to begin designing clothes that suited and flattered my curves, and those of the many women around me.


 I created Kasbah Clothing in 1998 and, in partnership with my sister Corinne at that time, we started with a small production.  Within 3 years we were supplying around 350 boutiques in the UK, and a further 100 in Spain and France.


Our partnership ended in 2008. I was then approached by Box 2 to supply them with my basic range under the Kasbah brand, promoted on their plus-size website and sold throughout Box 2 franchise stores. Box 2 became my major distributor for nearly a decade. Many of you have been enjoying the Kasbah label via Box 2 ever since.


Having parted ways after a long and fruitful working relationship, I Have gone back to the drawing board designing the clothes that I love, using the shapes that have suited us for many years, and allowing me the freedom to apply my own flair which had been missing from my brand during that time.


Kasbah Clothing never goes out of style, and the shapes are classic with quirky twists. Beautiful, timeless pieces, exciting fabrics, great cut, quality and attention to details, all designed with you in mind.


 This season, we are designing for women from size 14-30, because women of all sizes love these designs, so let’s just all wear the clothes that we love!


Thank you for taking the time to find out more about my Kasbah Clothing brand. I love my life and love to design clothes for you. I hope you enjoy this collection as much as I do.