It’s a big trend on the high street and main-stay of styles like Lagenlook. But what is ‘oversized’ and how can you wear it with confidence?

What is ‘Oversized?’

Well, you may have guessed, it’s literally what it says on the tin. Oversized is a larger or more generous cut than a regular sized item. Oversized garments are often quite boxy in shape and unstructured.

Aren’t Baggy Clothes Unflattering?

Firstly, the notion of something being flattering is a bit outdated, we think everyone should be able to wear clothes that bring joy! Why not try throwing the rule book out of the window and have some fun with fashion!
Secondly, if you are still worried, there are lots of ways to balance your proportions and make the oversized look work for you.

Balancing the Oversized Look

Of course, wearing big baggy garments, head to toe probably isn’t a look that will do anyone any favours and you could run the risk of looking drowned, or erased by huge swathes of fabric. So what we tend to recommend is balancing our oversized pieces through styling them in different ways.

Keep it Simple

We tend to go with the ‘one or other’ rule here at Kasbah Clothing (and here’s us saying throw the rule book out, sorry!). But we promise this is just a suggestion, more than a rule! If it’s loose fit on top, go with a more close fitting trouser or skirt, and visa versa.
For example, with an oversized top, wear a tube maxi skirt, or leggings. Maybe try skinny fit jeans, or our absolute new favourite, our Pila, slim fit, faux leather trousers.
If you’re talking dresses, keep it chunky. Either a biker boot; or for a fresher look, try a chunky trainer and an almost sporty style bag to create a sports luxe look.
We hope we’ve encouraged you to try some oversized pieces, from a comfort point of view you really can’t go wrong and in terms of style, it’s a trend you can’t afford to miss out on. Effortlessly stylish and free, what more could you want?

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