We’ve talked about the power of accessories on the blog before when we focussed on our scarf range over the winter. But now summer is here we’re thinking about those beautiful jewellery pieces that really bring out an outfit.

Necklaces to suit everyone.

On the website, you’ll find a wonderful selection of necklaces, each one hand-picked by Heather to compliment the Kasbah Clothing range. There’s different lengths, styles and metals to suit everyone.

Heather wears Trevia in indigo and the Noyra, silver necklace.

Styling the Necklace

There are several factors to take into consideration when choosing the right jewellery for your outfit. But don’t worry, there’s nothing complicated about getting it right, just a few hints and tips to help you nail the look

Going down the colour route

Choosing your accessories based on your outfit colourings is a great place to start. Earthy toned outfits like leopard print and autumnal colours like oranges and browns look great with golds and bronzes. You can see this through to your handbag and shoes too.

Primary colours look great with silver, the bright shine of a gorgeous silver necklace can really make those bright colours pop even more.

Heather wears Tora – Floral Print kaftan with an asymmetric hemline with Noyra necklace

The shape of you

Letting the shape of your garment dictate your jewellery is always a great way to go. Large v-necks love to be filled with a statement piece of jewellery. Try our ‘Nina’ necklace for this, available in gold and silver the large hammered disk looks great nestling in a v-neck or low-neck dress or top.

Long tops like tunics or dresses look great with longer style necklaces. The length on the necklace draws the eye down and gives the illusion of elongating the body. Heather’s favourites are the Nova and Noyra – you’ll see this style in lots of our photographs because they just look so great with so many of our garments.

Another great tip when matching jewellery is to echo the shape of the print; spots, leopard print and softer more rounded prints, look great when echoed in the accompanying jewellery. More square, or geometric prints look great with a square shaped pendant for example.

Of course, you could just break the rules and wear the jewellery that makes you smile, we highly recommend smile inducing jewellery!

To shop all of our jewellery and scarves head to our Accessories section on the website

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