As a fairly new brand, it’s important for us to analyse what works for our customers and what doesn’t work. One way of achieving this is take time to monitor our returns. The products that come back to us can help us understand what you love, and ultimately what you don’t. One of the things Heather prides herself on is the fit of Kasbah Clothing garments. If we get the fit right, the less likely you will be to return it. It’s usually one of the main factors brands will find items are being returned for.

The secret to a good fit

As a brand we thankfully receive very few returns, and we believe that’s because we’ve got the fit right. There are many factors to a good fit, but one of which, and one of our secret Kasbah weapons, is the ‘clever’ pleat. Regular Kasbah Customers will know all about the pleat. You’ll find it in the back of a lot of our tunic tops and dresses. This nifty little feature not only makes for a pretty look, but it’s so much more than that.

The ‘clever’ pleat

By inserting a small pleat into the back of our garments, it allows freedom of movement making it more conformable to wear and less clingy. The pleat also creates a flattering look without being bulky or having swathes of voluminous fabric.

There is nothing worse that feeling restricted. Plus size bodies move differently to our slimmer sisters, our proportions can be very different, and when we sit or move around, sometimes clothes can catch and don’t move with our bodies. More often that not, they actually work against us!

That’s something you won’t experience with Kasbah Clothing because of these clever little features Heather puts into each design.


Show me the pleat!

Some of our favourite pieces this season feature the pleat (and more often than not a pocket too, but that’s a whole other blog post!)

From Left to Right – Taari: soft floral tunic, Trevia: Tie Dye Tunic and Tosca: Spot print a-line tunic

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