You might be heading off on a sunny holiday or looking forward to the warmer weather where you are. But either way, we call know when it comes to warmer weather, things can get a little uncomfortable. Finding breathable, natural fabrics in Plus Size can be difficult. We know all too well the horrors of shiny polyester that makes you feel like bursting into flames after five minutes of wearing.

Heather wears Linen dress ‘Rafia’

That’s why we love sourcing breathable, natural fabrics here at Kasbah Clothing. We know how important it is to our customers to feel comfortable, and fresh whether they’re travelling, working or relaxing.

One of our favourite fabrics is Linen for this very reason.

What is Linen?

Linen is a fabric made from the fibres of the flax plant. It’s one the oldest known fabrics and completely sustainable too meaning it’s kind to the environment. To make linen from the flax, it goes through a process called retting, which is quite labour intensive, which is why linen can be a little more costly than artificially produced fabrics. But trust us, it’s worth spending that little extra to experience this wonderful fabric.

Plus Size Linen Top ‘Tendai’

Why choose Linen?

Aside from the sustainability of the fabric, linen is naturally absorbent and incredibly breathable, so it’s your perfect warm weather companion. The composition of the linen fibre means it allows the air to move more freely about your person keeping you cool and fresh. And just like us, it improves with age! Linen actually gets more soft and comfortable the more you wear it.

Heather wear our hero Linen jacket – Kalinda

Are there any downsides to Linen?

There’s no denying, linen does crease easily, it’s the nature of the fabric. But this is one small sacrifice to make for the benefit of comfort and wearability.

Top Tips for Your Linen

  • When packing always roll, never fold to reduce creasing
  • Hang your linen straight away when you arrive at your destination
  • If your linen is still a little creased, try hanging it in the bathroom while you shower. The hot steam will help any creases drop.
  • Avoid fabric conditioner and wash at a low temperature.
  • Iron darker pieces on the reverse and preferably whilst still a little damp.

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