Not so long ago, many a so-called fashion expert would have warned the plus size woman off a print. The style rule book seemed never ending when it came to what a plus size woman could and couldn’t wear. Thankfully though, the days of style ‘gurus’ are long behind us, and women of all shapes, sizes and ages are embracing a sense of personal style like never before and wearing what the heck they want!

Say goodbye to the rule book

Anything goes now when it comes to prints. From big and bold, to dainty, ditsy prints. Stripes, both horizontal and vertical are hitting the high street and websites across the nation. There are no rules when it comes to wearing prints, but it is about finding one you love. Trust your instinct and go for prints that make you happy!

Print Mixing

Just like the type of print you wear, there are no real rules to mixing prints, but we do have some combinations that we absolutely love here at Kasbah Clothing. A stripe base is a really good place to start, from there, we like to add in a floral or animal print.

A good idea is to find a common colour that matches or compliments across both prints. Giving it a cohesive, but really fun look!

Another great way to ease yourself into print mixing is with accessories. A striped top with a leopard print scarf for example looks fantastic.

Wear it with passion!

However you wear print, make sure you do it with passion! We think life is too short not to wear colour and print and you’ll see that reflected in our latest collection. Heather has chosen fabrics with life and vibrancy that celebrate ‘Bon Viveur’ (one who lives well). The first drop of our SS20 is now live on the website. Head to New Arrivals to see what Kasbah Clothing has in store!

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